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10% OFF H655BT | Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headset
33% OFF H655BT | Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headset

10+ Influencers Recommend: New HAVIT H655BT Headphones with Great Noise Cancellation and Battery Life!

As users increasingly demand high-performance, long-lasting, and comfortable headphones, HAVIT, a smart technology brand with 26 years of experience in the audio field, has keenly observed the changing consumer needs and launched H655BT, the new hybrid active noise cancelling wireless headphones. These high-performance headphones incorporate multiple advanced technologies to provide users with the best audio experience and convenience.

Over 10 renowned influencers have previewed HAVIT's latest masterpiece, H655BT hybrid active noise cancelling wireless headphones. These over-ear headphones, featuring top-notch noise cancellation, long battery life, and exceptional comfort, have received high praise for their performance, sound quality, and design!

Technical Features:
· HAVIT Smart Aesthetics
· 40mm Finely-Tuned Drivers
· -35dB Active Noise Cancellation
· 76-Hour Long Battery Life
· All-Day Comfort
· Wireless V5.3, Seamless Connection
· 0.06-Second Low Latency Gaming Mode
· AI Call Noise Cancellation
· Ambient Sound Mode

H655BT: The Fashion Icon's Top Choice

HAVIT H655BT embodies the HAVIT Smart Aesthetics in its design. Featuring a classic and stylish look, these headphones come in three colors: beige, black, and blue, making them suitable for various occasions. Whether for business trips, daily commutes, or casual entertainment, HAVIT H655BT seamlessly complements your style. Many influencers have praised the H655BT for its attractive design and appealing color options.

Reviewed by BIZZZON

These wireless headphones cater to a wide range of users. From music enthusiasts seeking high-quality sound and to office workers needing a noise-free environment, to gamers who use headphones for extended periods, H655BT hybrid active noise cancelling wireless headphones meet all their needs.

An Unparalleled Music Listening Experience

H655BT hybrid active noise cancelling wireless headphones, with their fine-tuned 40mm drivers and titanium-coated diaphragm, deliver clear vocals and powerful bass, effortlessly recreating various music styles from pop music and rock music to electronic dance music and country music. Compared to other headphones on the market, its industry-leading active noise cancellation technology effectively blocks out ambient noise, achieving a noise cancellation effect of -35dB. Whether you're on a noisy street, in a bustling open-plan office, or on an airplane, these headphones provide a quiet listening environment.

Powered by Wireless V5.3, H655BT ensures seamless connectivity within a 10-meter range, providing uninterrupted music and calls. Its gaming mode offers a low latency of 0.06 seconds, ensuring audio and visuals are perfectly synced, helping gamers accurately pinpoint sound position and achieve victory with ease, delivering an exhilarating gaming experience. With H655BT hybrid active noise cancelling wireless headphones, whether you're listening to music, watching movies, or playing games, you'll enjoy an immersive audio experience.

Reviewed by Enes Özen


Noise Gone, Beats On

HAVIT H655BT hybrid active noise cancelling wireless headphones offer three noise cancellation modes: active noise cancellation, physical noise cancellation, and environmental noise cancellation. The active noise cancellation of the H655BT is remarkably effective. Influencer Seckin Ayazlar, after wearing the H655BT outdoors, couldn't stop praising its noise cancellation effect: "You will enjoy it. When you go to the bus, you turn on active noise cancelling mode. It can isolate the sound of the bus engine, and the sound of the people around you."

Influencer BIZZZON, walking on busy streets with H655BT, also expressed the same love and recognition for the noise cancellation effect of the H655BT: "ANC mode is the mode of noise cancellation. It works top-notch, cuts off all extraneous noise as much as possible, and gives the coolest effect possible." The physical noise cancellation effect of the H655BT is also excellent. The over-ear ear cups, coupled with adjustable ear cups, flexibly conform to different head shapes and ears, providing effective physical noise cancellation.

Reviewed by Seckin Ayazlar

76-Hour Battery Life Keeps Music by Your Side

With the HAVIT H655BT hybrid active noise cancelling headphones, enjoy music for up to 76 hours on a single charge, or up to 69 hours in ANC mode. Charging is also quick – just 5 minutes of charging provides 5 hours of music playback. Several influencers, while reviewing the H655BT hybrid active noise cancelling headphones, have seamlessly switched between listening to music, working, and playing games in various scenarios for many days, and yet the H655BT's battery remains a strong power supply. They unanimously praise the H655BT's exceptionally long battery life. Whether on long trips or in everyday life, you can use it without worrying about running out of battery.

Reviewed by Zaydel


All-Day Comfort, Glasses-Friendly Design

HAVIT H655BT hybrid active noise cancelling wireless headphones follows ergonomic design principles and adds adjustable headbands and ear cups in their detailed design. Coupled with over-ear ear cups, it flexibly adapts to different head and ear shapes. It also features thicker headband padding and soft protein leather ear cups, weighing about 247g overall, making it comfortably wearable throughout the day. Many influencers have expressed comfort even after extended wear. Павлик Насоветует! stating, "They are incredibly soft and comfortable. Ear pads fit very tightly around the ear, even despite glasses. "

Thanks to adjustable ear cups, H655BT hybrid active noise cancelling wireless headphones allow for convenient storage around the neck when not in use, facilitating headphone storage and use while on the go. This design prevents the headphones from hitting the user's chin when turning the head. Influencer BIZZZON particularly appreciates this design feature. He creatively inverted the headphones around his neck and increased the volume of the music, turning the headphones into a "neck-hanging speaker." This innovative idea received praise from the HAVIT R&D team.

Real User Experiences from Influencers

The operation of the HAVIT H655BT is incredibly straightforward, with multiple function buttons on the headphones for easy volume adjustment, track switching, call answering, and more. The headphone connection remains stable, with no instances of disconnection or latency during use.

In various scenarios, the HAVIT H655BT performs exceptionally well. Outdoors, its noise cancellation feature allows users to focus on music or calls. In the office, its comfortable fit, long battery life, and ambient sound mode make it an ideal work companion. At the gym, its stable connection and low latency performance add rhythm and enjoyment to workouts. When gaming, its surround sound effects, and low latency mode provide an immersive gaming audio experience.

In light of all the reviews, the HAVIT H655BT undoubtedly stands out as an excellent wireless headphone. Its exceptional noise cancellation, super-long battery life, comfortable fit, immersive sound quality, and user-friendly operation make it a standout choice among similar products. If you're in the market for outstanding performance and a great user experience in wireless headphones, H655BT hybrid active noise cancelling wireless headphones are worth buying.

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