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GaN Charger Is Your Next Charger


The demand for mobile electronics is growing as technology advances and consumer needs change. At the same time, demand for fast-charging products is growing.

In recent years, GaN (Gallium Nitride) material has become increasingly popular due to its unique properties, including high electron mobility, breakdown voltage, and high thermal conductivity. These properties make it an excellent material for fast chargers for mobile devices, laptops, and other electronic devices.


One of the primary benefits of using GaN material in the production of fast chargers is its ability to handle high power densities while maintaining low power loss. It means that GaN-based chargers can provide more power in a smaller package, resulting in a smaller and more efficient charger. The GaN chargers also reduce energy consumption, as they waste less energy as heat compared to traditional chargers.


Moreover, GaN chargers have a higher power conversion efficiency, which means that they can convert more of the input power into output power, resulting in faster charging times for devices. This is particularly important in today's fast-paced world, where people rely heavily on their electronic devices and often need to charge them quickly.

As a leading brand in the field of electronic products, HAVIT has been committed to providing consumers with higher-quality products. The new products released in 2023 include a variety of fast-charging chargers. Among them, the HAVIT UC20 GaN 3-port travel charger can charge three devices at the same time. It is small and will not take up too much space on the desktop and luggage. HAVIT UC20 uses the latest GaN material, which has higher charging efficiency and shorter charging time. HAVIT UC20 GaN 3-port travel charger has become a must-have charger for many people when traveling.



In the future, HAVIT will continue to use new technologies and materials for product innovation, bringing more convenient and comfortable charging experiences to the lives of global users.


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