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HAVIT Debuts Affordable Headphones with Spatial Audio and Hi-Res Audio Certification

HAVIT, a leading smart technology company specializing in audio devices, is set to unveil its latest innovative products at CES 2024. With a commitment to serving users through innovative technology, HAVIT's self-developed SPACE NC ZERO wireless headphones incorporate cutting-edge spatial audio technology, elevating the user's listening experience to unprecedented heights.
HAVIT will showcase its diverse range of products, including audio devices, gaming peripherals, mobile accessories, and smart life electronics, during the new product launch at CES. HAVIT aims to make products with innovative technology accessible to users globally by offering high-quality products at affordable prices.
Booth No. 51962
Dates: Jan. 9-12
Venue: Halls A-D, Venetian Expo, 201 Sands Ave, Las Vegas, Nevada 89169, US
Leading Audio Technology
Among the array of products to be unveiled at the new product launch, the SPACE NC ZERO stands out as the flagship product. It uses the latest spatial audio technology, a culmination of contemporary audio technology that simulate 3D audio effects through advanced audio processing. As a result, the SPACE NC ZERO wireless headphones provide users with an audio experience that is more true, nature, and immersive.
wireless headphones
Eye-Catching Design and Powerful Performance
The SPACE NC ZERO is the masterpiece of HAVIT's creative design and in-house research and development.
-Crafted with skin-friendly high-quality materials and a stylish design, it ensures comfortable wear while complementing users' outfit style.
-Achieving Hi-Res Audio certification, it delivers audio quality surpassing CD standards.
-With powerful active noise cancellation, reaching up to -40dB, it provides quiet akin to the depths of the sea.
All of HAVIT's new products at CES cater to various aspects of users' daily lives, including work, entertainment, and sport, embodying the brand's new positioning: "a brand that empowers users to create fun, anytime, anywhere." HAVIT believes that fun is most essential thing in life. And HAVIT adheres to apply innovative technology to empower everyone to become fun creators of a better life.
2024CES HAVIT Product Launch, click the video for more details:
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