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10% OFF H655BT | Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headset
10% OFF H655BT | Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headset

HAVIT Unveils Innovative Open-Ear Clip Headphones at the Global Sources Consumer Electronics Show

The Global Sources Consumer Electronics Show opened in April 2024, attracting numerous well-known brands and customers globally to participate and pay attention. At the exhibition, innovative headphones from HAVIT's two brands, HAVIT & HAKII, received widespread attention, with a continuous stream of customers experiencing the new products at the booth.



HAVIT is a global consumer electronics brand focusing on audio products. It has continuously emerged with smart product innovations in recent years owing to the drive of increasing R&D investment, covering product lines including audio devices, gaming peripherals, mobile accessories, and smart life electronic products.

At this exhibition on site, OPENBUDS 1 open-ear clip headphones emerged as this year's surprising innovative headphones. OPENBUDS 1 open-ear clip headphones are crafted by HAVIT's R&D team. From product positioning to packaging design, it is refined in every design aspect. Through three rounds of user insights, the HAVIT product R&D team discovered and confirmed user needs: With users taking more time to use headphones, their demands for the comfort of wearing headphones are increasing at the same time. The open-ear headphones provide users with a more comfortable experience for extended wear, combining the basic functions of TWS earbuds with the non-intrusive open-ear design. OPENBUDS 1 uses open-ear design and directional audio technology and employs unique speaker arrays and sensor technology. The sound is transmitted to the user's ears more accurately and concentrated in a specified direction and angle, providing excellent sound quality and an immersive audio experience for users. OPENBUDS 1 uses an ergonomic design and utilizes the half-hanging and half-clip wearing way. It ensures stability while reducing the clamping force of the clip. Meanwhile, the cushioned soft rubber design at the back of the ear contact area improves comfort. All of these provide an all-day comfortable wearing experience to users. The design of OPENBUDS 1 is combined with traditional Chinese painting techniques such as blending and negative space, creating a translucent iridescent, presenting an Eastern modern minimalist aesthetic. The touch panel of OPENBUDS 1 utilizes acrylic dyeing technology and a gradient pearlescent color applied to the rear, resulting in a mesmerizing iridescent effect under various lighting and angles. This provides users with a visual experience that combines fashion, technology, and art. With a fusion of Eastern modern minimalist aesthetics in its fashionable design, it won the iF Design Award 2024 and Muse Design Awards 2023. Its open design and directional audio technology allow users to enjoy music while staying aware of their surroundings in real time, providing a safer listening experience.



HAVIT's H655BT hybrid noise canceling wireless headphones have been receiving a lot of attention. This product has undergone a second round of upgrades, resulting in a performance powerhouse akin to a hexagon warrior. H655BT follows smart aesthetic design, seamlessly integrating classic styles with smooth and minimalist lines and versatile color schemes, catching the eyes of many customers at first glance. With its outstanding sound quality, H655BT has obtained Hi-Res Audio certification from JAS (Japan Audio Society) and CEA (Consumer Electronics Association). Customers who experienced the headphones firsthand were highly impressed, praising its sound quality comparable to CD-level audio. Additionally, the excellent noise-canceling effect of up to -35dB, super-long 76-hour battery life, and very comfortable wearing experience have greatly impressed customers. The inclusion of the HAVIT APP further  increases the convenience of daily use for users.



In the field of gaming peripherals, HAVIT is also constantly innovating. The latest FUXI-H7 RGB wireless gaming headphones are a masterpiece of the HAVIT gaming headphone lineup. It is the first gaming headphones to feature 5-mode connectivity. It is also compatible with various gaming devices, allowing users to switch between different devices quickly. Its spatial audio can provide players with immersive gaming sound effects, providing a more thrilling gaming experience.



The popular H630BT wireless headphones have sold 300,000 units since their launch last year. Due to their excellent sound quality, long battery life, and multiple stylish color options, they have attracted a lot of attention and favor from new customers at this year's exhibition.



Additionally, HAVIT's UC230 mini 33W charger is also popular. This compact charger utilizes the latest GaN material and provides fast charging for smartphones and other devices. Many customers consider it an essential charger for business trips and travel. PJ300 PLUS smart projector, equipped with the latest intelligent screen adaptation technology, offers very easy and fast operation. Its 550 ANSI lumens brightness and sealed optical engine present customers with clear, natural, and lifelike projection images. HAVIT's M9045 smart watch has also attracted attention. This smartwatch combines various functions such as health monitoring, sports tracking, and message notifications into one device. The perfect combination of stylish look and practical functions has made it very popular among young customers.



Another brand of HAVIT company, HAKII, showcased the innovative HAKII MIX2 wireless sports headphones at this exhibition. It seamlessly combines fashion and sports, optimizing the position of sound outlets and interaction systems, ingeniously integrating an 18mm "giant" speaker enhanced by an amplifier, pushing the outdoor music listening experience to new heights. Many outdoor sports enthusiasts love this innovative headphone that combines headbands, caps, and headphones.




Currently, the 2024 Global Sources Consumer Electronics Show (Spring Edition)  is in full swing, and the HAVIT team looks forward to seeing you at booth 10S02 at the AsiaWorld-Expo, Hong Kong! Have it, Have fun! Let's experience the charm of sound together!




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