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Spatial Audio Is the Next “Must-Have” Feature for Many Consumers Buying Next Headphones

Qualcomm has released its annual “The State of Sound Report” for 2022 at the Snapdragon Summit 2022.

For 2022, Qualcomm’s focus research is based on the growth of the true wireless earbuds category, growing interest in spatial audio, and the continued importance of high-resolution or lossless audio quality. A total of 6000 smartphone users in the 18-64 age group from different locations around the world are participants of this research. And the following are the key findings from the report:


  1. Listeners are more driven by audio quality than ever, and 58% of respondents are seeking either high-resolution or lossless audio quality.
  2. Spatial Audio is the next “must-have” feature for more than half of the respondents.
  3. True wireless earbuds are becoming integral to mobile gaming.
  4. Battery life remains a key driver for people buying wireless speakers.
  5. Consumers are leaning toward Bluetooth LE Audio features like Broadcast audio in their next audio devices.
  6. Respondents expect to use their audio devices with their hybrid working.


According to “The State of Sound Report 2022”, spatial audio is a feature to focus on. Beyond lossless audio, the next “must-have” feature for audio devices is spatial audio in this study. Spatial audio, often known as 3D audio, allows the user to fully immerse themselves in a virtual three-dimensional space.

This report also indicates that consumers are becoming more knowledgeable about spatial audio, are actively seeking the feature, and would be willing to pay more for devices that support it.

According to the report, HAVIT has insight that spatial audio will become the future development trend of audio products. In 2023, HAVIT launched its first spatial audio headset - HAVIT H655BT wireless headphones. HAVIT H655BT wireless headphones debuted at Global Sources Consumer Electronics Show(Spring Edition), Hong Kong Electronics Fair(Spring Edition), and the 133rd Canton Fair. With its excellent immersive stereo sound and noise reduction function, clear voice calls, impressive 76-hour battery life, low-latency game mode, and comfortable wearing experience, it has gained the attention and love of many foreign customers.

Now, consumers' demand for headphones tends to be diversified, and a pair of headphones with excellent sound quality and performance, which can be used in various scenarios of life and work, are more likely to be favored by consumers. In the future, HAVIT will continue to pay attention to the development of electronic product technology and changes in consumer demand, will adhere to independent research and development, and commit to providing consumers with high-quality electronic products.

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