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How to choose a projector costing $100 to $200?

Cheap things always have the market that is right for people with a limited budget, but if you want to buy projector this kind of machine, do not covet cheap to buy hundreds of pieces of equipment without a brand, so we want to be cost-effective, as far as possible in the same price to buy the best performance of the projector.




In this regard, I think HAVIT's entry-level projector has high cost performance and good performance. PJ205's body size is only 149*167*179mm, and its weight is only 1.39kg. Equipped with portable belt, it is easy to take out when going out, and even put it into a backpack.



Come with HiFi sound

Although the body is small, it still has its own sound. The body weighs only 0.37kg, carrying the dual functions of film and sound, bringing the sense of experience of private cinema without additional sound, saving space.



Support automatic trapezoidal correction & TOF automatic non-inductive focus

Automatic trapezoidal correction can greatly improve our sense of experience. Usually, the projector is not fixed and often needs to be moved. We cannot ensure that the projector is properly placed and HAVIT PJ205 support vertical direction automatically trapezoidal correction, moment to cast a founder, combined with automatic non-inductive focus, boot that look, keep clear picture, no need manual focus, very convenient Every night after work, or lazy vacation time, just lying on the sofa watching movies is good, the home also can become big theater.



A key panel

It supports screen casting on ios/Android mobile phones, tablets and computers. When you are at home, you can watch live broadcasts and play games on a large screen. Compared with the small screen, you can also invite several friends to buy snacks and wine to watch football games together during holidays.




700 lumens and 1.36:1 projection ratio

The HAVIT PJ205 has excellent picture quality among the thousands of projectors and can project a large screen even from a small body.


In general, HAVIT PJ205 cost performance is very high, in less than $200, you can have less than a small body projector, and support intelligent voice control, plus automatic correction and autofocus function, simple and convenient to use.


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