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M9040S Instruction Manual


Health function introduction

1.Heart rate:

1)Click to enter to measure the current heart rate value, it will remind you when you are in the air wear correctly;

2)The heart rate data can be detected in real time on the APP on the hour, and the corresponding record is recorded in the column in the shape chart;                             

3)Connect to APP to record heart rate data synchronously;


2.Blood oxygen test:

1) Click to enter the function of testing blood oxygen;

2) The test data will be synchronized in real-time to the APP;



3.Multi-sport mode:

1)Provide multiple sports modes for free selection;

2)Heart rate, calories and other data will be recorded during exercise;



  1. Phone: After connecting to the phone's audio Bluetooth, it can enter, support viewing recent calls, dialing, and also have contact functions (set up shortcut communication in the app to support up to 8 contact cards);
  1. Step counting: You can view the number of steps taken, calorie consumption, and exercise time on that day; Every night at 12 o'clock, the data of the day will be saved and reset to zero, supporting up to the last seven days of step counting records; Click on the step counting interface to view relevant data about the step counting function;
  1. Sleep monitoring: From 10pm to 8am the next day, your sleep duration and quality will be recorded to help you better adjust your schedule and improve sleep quality. On the sleep function interface, you can search for sleep related data;
  1. Compass: To activate it for the first time, you need to follow the prompts for calibration. After calibration, you can use the compass function;
  1. Voice Assistant: After connecting the APP and call audio, wake up the phone's voice assistant through the watch's voice assistant function;
  1. Information recording: This function requires connecting to the mobile app "DaFit" application to query third-party program messages for setting message notifications;
  1. Music control: It can control and play music on the phone;
  1. Calculator: Can perform simple calculations;
  1. Stop watch: Turn on this function to time;
  1. Settings: Set various local settings for the device, including display and brightness settings (brightness adjustment, sleep time, raised screen, dial and menu style, etc.), sound vibration settings, do not disturb mode, audio Bluetooth switch, etc;
  1. Weather: After connecting to the app, you can synchronize the weather information provided by “DaFIT” in real time for the day and the last seven days;
  1. Flashlight: supports the function of a flashlight, and after entering the function, clicking can control the opening and closing;
  1. Camera control: After connecting to the app (obtaining camera permissions), click to enter the function (or directly enter the function from the app's camera control), and then click to enable remote control of mobile phone photography (the app must be in the current interface of the phone and cannot be in the background)
  1. Alarm clock: supports alarm function and can freely set alarm reminders;
  1. Menstrual period: Female users can set their own female health information through other settings on the app, and will provide health reminders based on different settings;


Long sitting reminders, water drinking reminders, heart rate warnings, watch search, do not disturb mode period, and time settings for raising the hand to light up the screen can be set in the "Other Settings" function of the app.



How to set up message notifications

On the phone, go to Settings - Application Management, find "DaFit" - Permission Management, and open all of them. Then enter the notification management - find "DaFit" and open all permissions. Permission to run in the background, enter, select unlimited. return. It will prompt to open automatically, enter open. Go back, select the APP message notification you want, and click Open. On the IOS side, you can turn on the shared system notification in the mobile phone settings - BT - connected BT settings;

Note: If the computer version of the selected APP is online, the mobile phone will not receive information notifications, and the watch will not remind.


Common Troubleshooting:

  1. The watch cannot be turned on: the duration of pressing the power button is too short, taking more than 3 seconds; The battery level is too low, please use a charging cable to charge;
  1. The watch cannot be charged normally: whether the charging contact is in normal contact with the watch, and whether the charger is normal; When the battery level is low, it takes a while to charge before the charging interface is displayed;
  1. Firstly, watch devices monitor human activity through electronic sensors, which are considered consumer grade. It is normal for the product to experience certain errors. Please treat the data objectively;
  1. If some software issues occur while the watch is running, it can be restored to normal by restoring the factory settings.