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KW12 Product Manual

Choosing correct SIM card
Operator : choosing operator who supports 2G/3G/4G network
SIM card type: Nano SIM card only
Data packet: Before you use watch, please make sure SIM card is active and able to use 2G/3G/4G data
SIM Card Installation
Please read carefully before turn on watch to avoid any abnormal caused by wrong card installation
1. Pull out SIM card via card picker
2. Put the SIM card into card slot, chip upside, and insert to watch
Register and login
1.Register with Email
2.Login in after register successfully


Click "Chat", On "Chat" page, press and hold "Hold to Talk" to record voice, and then release to send voice.
Click the unread message on the screen to play voice message.
Click "Phone", Select contact to make a phone call.
if can’t make a call, please check whether contact is added on APP.
Video call
Click "Video call", Select contact and select video chat.
Make Friends

Click "Make friends", After insert SIM card, On "Make Friends" page, one-tap to make friends, and it will search to add friends automatically.


Click "Camera", to start to take pictures. You can view and delete photos in "Album".


Click "steps", you can view the number of daily steps.


Click "VoiceRecord", You can record or view more recordings.

1) Do not charge in a humid environment with water
2) please regularly use a clean flannelette to clean the magnetic suction charging hole on the back of the watch, to ensure that the magnetic suction charging hole and magnetic charger fit, to ensure normal charging
3) This product is not equipped with a power adapter, in order to ensure the safety of family and property, when charging, you can use the computer USB interface or choose a power adapter whose output is not more than 5V 1A. Please buy the power adapter through the regular channel,and avoid using the bottom quality and fake power adapter to avoid bursting or fire.
Matters needing attention
1. The measurement results of this product are only for industrial examination and are not used as any medical use or basis. Please follow the doctor's guidance and do not use the measurement results for self-diagnosis and treatment.
2, this product waterproof grade is IP68, can not be used for deep diving and long time in the water. In addition, this product does not put hot water, because the steam will affect the watch.
3. The Company reserves the right to modify the contents of this manual without prior notice. Some functions are different in the corresponding software version. This is normal.