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M9030 ULTRA  Product Manual


Adjust brightness, Do not disturb settings,Language switching, Standby dial, System menu (Poweroff, Restore factory settings,Restart), About the watch.


Shortcut menu
1. Do not disturb mode 2. Brightness adjustment
3. set up  4. screen is always on
5. shock  6. Alarm clock


Heart rate
Wearing AM13 correctly, not too tight or loose, make sure no green light leak, open the "Heart Rate" application in the watch application, automatically measure the heart rate after entering the application.
After wearing the watch correctly, open the "SpO2" in the watch; manual blood oxygen measurement is required.
After wearing the watch correctly, open the "Sleep" in the watch; record the sleep status throughout the night.
Blood pressure
Wear the watch in a right way, and open the menu--blood pressure, measure it manual.
Control the music player of mobile phone to play the music,as well as song switching and volume adjustment.
Remote capture
Control the camera on the mobile phone to take pictures remotely. When using it,
please click "Device-Take Picture" on the APP to turn on the camera.
Alarm clock
Set the alarms in APP and sync to watch, maximum 5 alarms.
Exemption Clause
1. The Heart Rate, Pressure, Blood Oxygen and Blood Pressure data output by M9030 ULTRA are not intended to be medical or diagnostic basis.
2. Self-diagnosis and self-treatment are dangerous. Only qualified physicians are allowed to diagnose and treat high blood pressure or any other heart diseases. Please contact your physician for more professional diagnostic opinions.
3. M9030 ULTRA smartwatch data such as heart rate, blood pressure, etc.may not be completely accurate due to factors such as interference with environmental signals, wearing postture,changes in the climate environment, and physical condition.
4. DO NOT carry out drugs and treatment on the basis of the monitoring data provided by M9030 ULTRA , and should follow medical advice when medication and treatment are required, and we are not liable for the inaccuracy of monitoring data and the consequences of misuse of monitoring data and information.
5.Consumers are not advised to wear the product while swimming or taking a hot bath, HAVIT has the final right of interpretation