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M9038 PRO

M9038 PRO Product Manual

Watch Functions

Alarm clock

After the watch and APP are connected, you can set a single alarm clock and a circular alarm clock on the APP side, and you can set up to 8 alarm clocks.
Secondary watch
Click the start of the start button to start, click the pause button to timely stop, and click the reset button to take the time to zero.A maximum of 8 data can be saved.
Blood Pressure
When entering the blood pressure measurement interface, the bottom green light starts to test for 30 ~ 60 seconds to complete the measurement.
Heart rate
When entering the heart rate measurement interface, the bottom green light starts to measure. When the measurement is completed in about 40 seconds, there will be a vibration reminder. If you prompt,"pleasewear it and try it out",you need to re -wear the watch.
Blood oxygen
When entering the blood oxygen measurement interface, the bottom red light starts to test for 30 ~ 60 seconds to complete the measurement.
Physiological period
After the watch is connected to the APP, the opening of women's health reminder on the APP can check the women's health information on the watch.
Sport mode options: walking,running, riding, skipping rope,badminton,football, basketball,etc., click the icon to start exercise.
After the watch is connected to the APP, the weather interface will display the real -time weather temperature and the type of weather in the next 7 days.
After the watch and APP are connected, open the relevant information push on the APP side. The watch can receive the corresponding message push on the side of the watch, which can be saved up to 8 messages.
After the watch is connected to the APP, it can control the suspension and beginning of the mobile phone music player, volume adjustment and song switching.
Bluetooth call
After the watch is connected to the mobile phone Bluetooth, it is synchronized to the watch after adding a contact with the APP. You can directly dial at the watch contact interface, or you can use the watch to control the phone to call the phone.
Control center
Function introduction: screenbrightness adjustment, do not disturb mode, power saving mode, settings, flashlight, QR code.
1. The watch cannot start Press the power button for more than 6 seconds. The battery may be low. Charge it in time.
2. Bluetooth is not connected or cannot be connected
1) Please try to restart the watch and re-link.
2) Please try to restart Bluetooth and connect again.
3) Don't connect your phone to other Bluetooth devices at the same time.
3.Watch measures heart rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen data abnormal reason
1) Generally for measurement, the watch sensor and the human body is caused by poor contact.
2) Please pay attention to full contact between the sensor and the wrist during measurement.
4. Abnormal sleep data reason
1) Sleep monitoring simulates people's self-perceived state of falling asleep and waking up, which needs to be worn correctly.
2) If you wear it too late or when you fall asleep, errors may occur.
3) Sleep data is not monitored during the day, and the default sleep monitoring is from 9:30 PM to 12:00 noon the next day.
Bluetooth data transmission
When connected to a mobile phone, the watch synchronizes some data, including weather, notifications,sports and health data, with the phone via Bluetooth.When
the connection is disconnected or Bluetooth is turned off,thedatawill not be synchronized.

1) Do not charge in a humid environment with water
2) please regularly use a clean flannelette to clean the magnetic suction charging hole on the back of the watch,to ensure that the magnetic suction charging hole and magnetic charger fit, to ensure normal charging
3) This product is not equipped with a power adapter, in order to ensure the safety of family and property, when charging, you can use the computer USB interface or
choose a power adapter whose output is not more than 5V 1A.Please buy the power adapter through the regular channel,and avoid using the bottom quality and fake power adapter to avoid bursting or fire.

Matters needing attention
1. The measurement results of this product are only for industrial examination and are not used as any medical use or basis. Please follow the doctor's guidance and do not use the measurement results for self-diagnosis and treatment.
2. This product waterproof grade is IP67, can not be used for deepdivingandlong timeinthewater In addition, this product does not put hot water, because the steam will affect the watch.
3. The Company reserves the right to modify the contents of thismanual without prior notice.Some functions are different in the corresponding software version. This is normal.