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$399 or $59?How to choose a smart watch?

If you're on a tighter budget and want to experiment with wearables, you can get a fully functional smartwatch for around $59. A smart watch that costs a few hundred dollars does not seem to be any better than a smart bracelet that costs a few hundred dollars in terms of health. If you have such an idea, then I can only tell you with regret: indeed. When browsing the introduction pages of various brands, I have the desire to buy smart watches that support various sports. I always feel that my fitness life will be rich and colorful with it. But in fact, when exercising, they only record the most basic heart rate, calories and exercise time.


Although there are many items, the recorded data are only heart rate and calories. The rich forms of exercise are more to make you more clear when recording, and the device will not be optimized for exercise.

Unless it is like some smart watches specially designed for sports, such as Havit's M91 with a nine-axis sensor, it can record the frequency of sports according to movements. For example: when swimming, how much time was spent, how many times the water was drawn, how long the distance was swam and other data are recorded.


Which wearable device is the best? Although you can download the app to expand the functions of the watch (including other wearOS and Android watches), raising the wrist, looking at it, and putting it down are the most common operations for wearable devices.

Even if it can be used without a mobile phone, can the battery life last? Moreover, when manufacturers promote various practical functions and fitness monitoring of wearable devices, they often write a sentence in the remarks below: "The test data and results of this product are for reference only, not for diagnostic and medical purposes." The manufacturer is also very clear that the health data is not accurate and can only be used as a reference. Don't be superstitious about the powerful functions of expensive watches. The first step in buying a smart watch is whether you can get used to wearing it every day to record data and facilitate your life.



Here, I will also give you a simple process of purchasing smart wearable devices for your reference:

Can you adapt to wearing the watch every day and charging it on time? If you want to record data, you must wear it every day. If you can't charge it on time and keep wearing it, then give it up.

What features do you value most? If you value recording sleep, then a smaller and more comfortable wristband is more suitable for you;

If you value extended functions, a full-featured smartwatch is more suitable for you. Conforming to the crowd will not make you a better experience.



Always-on dial and blood oxygen measurement, but a $60 smart watch can have these functions. If you only care about these functions, you can choose other brands instead. The most expensive is not necessarily the most suitable for you.

The most important thing for a healthy life is that you don’t have to read books if you buy a Kindle, and you dont necessarily have to go to the gym if you have a fitness card.

It is unrealistic to think that buying a wearable device can change your living habits. Pay attention to rest, regular physical examination, don't be too tired, don't work too hard. When your smartwatch tells you to stand up and not sit too long, get up and move around. There are many ways to keep your body healthy, and buying a wearable device is not one of them.

At this stage, there is no decisive difference in basic functions between a smart watch worth a few thousand yuan and a smart bracelet worth a few hundred yuan. Choose the wearable device that suits you best and enjoy the healthy life it brings to you!

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