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How to Clean the Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

Nowadays, mechanical keyboards have been accepted by the public, and many young people like to use mechanical keyboards. I have to say that the mechanical keyboard does have advantages in terms of feel, but it is also quite difficult to clean, which is very troublesome for many people. So, is there any good way to clean the mechanical keyboard? I have summarized 6 kinds for you, I believe it can help you.


  1. Alcohol wipes

Wiping with alcohol wipes is believed to be a method used by many people. This method will not drop paper dust, but also play a role in disinfection. In addition, thanks to the strong volatility of alcohol, it will dry automatically after wiping.

  1. Hair dryer

For mechanical keyboards, the key gaps are the most difficult to clean. On keyboards with light dust accumulation, it is a good choice to use a hair dryer. Turn on the cold wind and blow on the gaps of the mechanical keyboard, and a lot of dust and hair can be removed. The main thing is, don’t use it in the bedroom at last. Its better to use it in the toilet. The dust and other things blown out are better cleaned.

  1. Vacuum cleaner

On the basis of a hair dryer, a vacuum cleaner is a good choice. Different from ordinary vacuum cleaners, there are many small vacuum cleaners for keyboards on the market, which can directly suck out the dust and solve the problem of blowing all over the sky. However, the problem is also more obvious, because it is a small vacuum cleaner, the suction power is often relatively limited, and it is more difficult to deal with particularly dirty and deeper dirt.

  1. Brushes

The brush seems to be relatively basic, but its strength is relatively good, and it is quite effective in cleaning hair. The problem with it is that the amount of work is large, and the need is not time. It is recommended that those who are not afraid of trouble, often use a small brush to clean it every day.

  1. Keyboard cleaning mud

Very good cleaning products that are reasonably priced and easily available online. It is very effective for cleaning the dirty things on the surface of the keyboard. Cover the keyboard with glue and wait for a while to remove it. The disadvantage is that it is difficult to clean the deep layers, and more importantly, it is easy to leave residues between the gaps.


  1. Remove the keycap

This is the most labor-intensive and troublesome way of cleaning, but it is also the most thorough. Everyone needs to have a certain understanding of the keyboard structure, use a key puller to remove all the keyboards, and remember to take a photo of the key layout before removing it. After the keyboard is disassembled, you can use a hair dryer and a brush to clean the lower base, use laundry detergent or detergent to scrub the keycaps, and finally let it dry and install it back.


In the actual cleaning of mechanical keyboards, you may wish to use the above methods in combination. Hair dryers, brushes, and wet wipes are responsible for daily and occasional cleaning, while vacuum cleaners and cleaning mud assist in deeper cleaning. The keycaps are cleaned at the deepest level. I believe the above operations can fully meet your cleaning needs.

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