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Design Strength of HAVIT

GUANGZHOU HAVIT TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. was founded in 1998. HAVIT is a company that integrates product development, large-scale production, and independent marketing.

Since the establishment of HAVIT brand, HAVIT has been adhering to the corporate philosophy of "technological innovation and serving the world". With an attitude of being responsible for every product, we insist on independent research and development, original design, and constantly improving every detail of the product to improve users’ experience. We strive to enable users all over the world to enjoy the technological fun of high-quality products.

HAVIT products cover hundreds of models such as audio series, game series, mobile accessories, and smart life series. It owns two brands with different positions, HAVIT & HAKII.

   The HAVIT R&D team has a number of engineers with more than 10 years of acoustic experience, focusing on innovation in the field of wireless audio. Over the years, HAVIT has insisted on independent research and development and original design, and has accumulated 115 patents and 60 international design awards. HAVIT has insight into the design development trend of the electronic technology industry, and keeps up with the latest technology design trends. With outstanding product design, HAVIT has successively won the Germany Red Dot Design Award, Golden Pin Design Award, China Design Red Star Award, Germany IF Design Award, Japan Good Design Award, Canton Fair Export Product Design Award, and other international design awards.

At the 133rd Canton Fair, HAVIT exhibits 2023 new products of its two brands, HAVIT and HAKII. HAVIT shows the latest audio series, gaming series, mobile accessories and smart life series. And HAKII shows the latest smart wearable headphones. Among them, HAVIT spatial audio product and HAKII wearable headphones (HAKII MIXV Wearable Sports Headphones) fully demonstrate HAVIT insight into the latest development trends of audio products and HAKII innovation in the form and design of audio products. Not only did many customers have a strong interest in HAVIT products, spatial audio products have received more attention in particular, but HAKII wearable headphones also were very eye-catching at the exhibition. The innovative headphone design better meets the lifestyle and music experience of the younger generation and has been recognized and loved by many customers.

HAVIT new products can gain recognition and love from customers, thanks to the HAVIT R&D and design team's insight into the development trend of electronic technology product design and unremitting exploration and innovation of product design.

Today, consumers' demand for headphones tends to be diversified, and the update iteration of audio products is also very fast. In the future, HAVIT will continue to pay attention to the development of electronic technology product design, will always insist on innovative design, and commit to providing consumers with electronic products with both fashionable design and excellent experience.

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