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HAVIT Global Smart Tech Tour in October

In October 2023, Guangzhou HAVIT Technology Co., Ltd. embarked on a global smart tech tour. HAVIT showcased its products at several prestigious international trade shows, including the 2023 Global Sources Consumer Electronics Show (Autumn Edition), 2023 Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition), the 134th Canton Fair, GITEX Global 2023, 2023 Global Sources Mobile Electronics Show (Autumn Edition), and Indocomtech 2023. With stylish and spacious booth designs and outstanding products, HAVIT attracted the attention of numerous customers from around the world. Customers flocked to the HAVIT booth to experience new products and engage in partnership discussions.


Advanced Products on Display


During these trade shows, we unveiled our latest line of audio devices, gaming peripherals, mobile accessories, and smart life electronic products. We were delighted to see the positive response to our newest products, which included open-ear headphones, gaming headphones, fast-charging adapters, power banks, smart watches, and smart projectors.



The most popular product at the exhibition was the new OWSFIT 1 open-ear wireless headphones. OWSFIT 1 features an open-ear design and employs advanced directional audio technology, allowing users to immerse themselves in beautiful music while remaining aware of their surroundings, enhancing safety during outdoor activities. These open-ear headphones are made from skin-friendly materials and follow an ergonomic design, providing users with a comfortable and secure wearing experience for extended periods.



HAVIT's gaming headphones are specifically designed for gamers, and the Fuxi-H3 quad-mode gaming headphones have garnered attention due to their advanced technology, outstanding performance, and ergonomic design. Fuxi-H3 provides exceptional sound quality, comfort during extended gaming sessions, and features that give users the competitive edge they need.



In line with our commitment to making users more convenient, we showcased our fast-charging adapters and power banks. These products are designed to keep users’ devices charged and ready to go, ensuring that they stay connected at all times.


On the smart technology front, we presented our latest smart watches and smart projectors. These devices seamlessly integrate into users' daily lives, offering various features to help users stay organized, entertained, and connected.



A Resounding Success


HAVIT's global smart tech tour in October has come to a successful conclusion. We are thrilled to see our products receiving widespread praise and recognition from industry experts and customers alike.




By participating in these internationally renowned trade shows, we showcased HAVIT's high-quality products, innovation ability, and new technological applications to customers from all over the world. This not only enhanced HAVIT's brand visibility but also established partnerships with more customers.


HAVIT has always been dedicated to providing high-quality, advanced consumer electronics products to global users. In the future, HAVIT will continue to meet the evolving needs of consumers in the ever-changing global trade environment, persist in independent research and development, and consistently innovate with new product offerings. Please stay tuned for more HAVIT product releases. See you at the CES 2024 in the USA!


The exhibition information of the HAVIT brand as below:

2024 International Consumer Electronic Show

Dates: Jan. 9-12

Booth No. 51962

Venue: Halls A-D, Venetian Expo, 201 Sands Ave, Las Vegas, Nevada 89169, US



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