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HAVIT Has Been Successfully Selected for the WIPO Global Enterprise Case

On November 6, 2023, the HAVIT brand story was featured on the WIPO official website as a global enterprise case.

HAVIT was established in 1998. We are a leading technology company specializing in smart electronic products, with an in-house R&D team and a factory equipped with advanced manufacturing facilities. The audio product line is our primary business, which utilizes advanced audio technology in manufacturing. Additionally, we also independently design and manufacture products such as gaming peripherals, mobile accessories, smart electronics products, and more. Our products are renowned for their exceptional quality, advanced material technology, and forward-thinking design. They are sold in over 140 countries and regions worldwide. And we serve over 100 million users.

With business booming, HAVIT began to prioritize brand identity and trademark protection. By 2003, HAVIT had registered its first national trademark through the Chinese Trademark Office. The popularity of the brand continued to grow, and realizing the huge potential and value of “HAVIT, HAVIT began paving a path toward the international arena. In 2010, the company submitted an application for international trademark registration under the Madrid System of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). Today, HAVIT has a portfolio of five active international trademark registrations, protecting its brands in some 100 of the 130 countries currently covered by the WIPO international trademark system. Both of HAVIT's major brands, HAVIT and HAKII, are internationally protected through the WIPO Madrid System.

In its 25 years of international expansion, HAVIT has continuously innovated in technology, expanded into new markets, and used intellectual property to empower brand innovation and development. HAVIT is committed to being a leading consumer electronics brand in the audio device field.

We are thrilled to be selected as a case for global enterprises by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). This recognition in the WIPO enterprise case acknowledges the strength of the HAVIT brand and its international reputation.

Looking ahead, HAVIT will proactively address global trade changes, daring to innovate and striving to be a leading consumer electronics brand in the audio device field with higher standards and stronger determination. We look forward to collaborating with global partners to create an even more brilliant future.



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