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HAVIT: Have it, Have fun

Guangzhou HAVIT Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 1998, is a leading smart consumer electronics company focusing on audio devices.
HAVIT is a combination of "Have it".
Have is an action, which means to have, to give everyone the courage to explore and own, to break the routine, and to break through the imagination.
It is a state, semantic pun. It not only represents the product "it" that gives us courage but also represents advanced and innovative information science and technology.
The tagline "Have it, Have fun" comes from this, implying the concept of "embracing technology and enjoying life". Give us wonderful life experiences through interesting products and innovative technologies.
We think "fun" is the productivity of all wonderful things. By creating a relaxed, stress-free, and enjoyable product experience to users, HAVIT aims to inspire their imagination, self-motivation, and creativity towards life. This, in turn, supports users in exploring and creating a sustainable and joyful lifestyle. This also aligns with HAVIT's mission: applying innovative technology to empower everyone to become fun creators of a better life.
audio devices
In these two and a half decades, HAVIT's product matrix has evolved from initially designing and producing computer-related accessories to developing more advanced gaming devices, such as loudspeakers, gaming chairs, and so forth. Then there are wireless headphones, smartwatches and other smart home electronic products. In the new era of AI, HAVIT continuously explores innovation based on years of experience and advanced technology in the audio industry.
audio devices, gaming devices,Wireless Headphones, smartwatches,havit
Up to now, HAVIT products are sold in over 140 countries across the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceania. Thanks to exceptional quality, advanced material technology, and forward-thinking design, they have garnered widespread attachment and recognition from consumers.
audio devices, gaming devices,Wireless Headphones, smartwatches,havit
In the future, HAVIT will build resilience to face changes in global trade, dare to innovate and be committed to building a leading consumer electronics brand in the audio device field.
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