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HAVIT's Smart Projectors Feature a Sealed Optical Engine and Intelligent Screen Adaptation Technology

Consumer demand for smart projectors has continued to rise in recent years. With the development of smart technology, technological innovations and applications of smart projectors continue to emerge. HAVIT keenly captures changes in consumer needs and launches new smart projectors in 2023 - PJ300 PLUS (Google TV version) and PJ300 PRO (Android TV 9.0 version), which apply fully sealed optical engines and smart screen adaptation technology to provide users with a clearer and faster viewing experience.

Sealed Optical Engine: Guardian of Clear Image Quality
Smart projectors use a dust-proof sealed optical engine and effectively reduce the temperature of high-temperature polysilicon (HTPS) through meticulously designed air circulation and heat dissipation systems. The core of this technology lies in preventing the appearance of black spots while minimizing image quality loss, creating a clearer and more lifelike visual experience for users.

Intelligent Screen Adaptation Technology: Effortless Projection Screen Alignment
Intelligent Screen Alignment:
Through the intelligent screen alignment feature, the projector effortlessly adapts to various screen sizes without the need for manual settings, automatically matching the optimal projection image.

Automatic Keystone Correction:
Whether the projector is placed on its side or at vertical/horizontal angles of ±30 degrees, it will get a square image automatically.

Smart Obstacle Avoidance:
The intelligent recognition system within the projection area quickly detects obstacles, ensuring the selection of the most suitable projection surface and preventing obstacles from affecting the visual experience.

Auto Focus:
These projectors reduce the hassle of manual adjustments with auto-focus functionality, allowing users to enjoy clear and vivid image quality.

HAVIT's PJ300 PLUS (Google TV version) and PJ300 PRO (Android TV 9.0 version) utilize a fully sealed optical engine and intelligent screen adaptation technology. It offers a more convenient and efficient operation and presents users with a clearer and more realistic viewing experience. As technology continues to advance, HAVIT invites you to explore the new world of smart projection together.

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