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HAVIT’s New Product Shines at Major Global Electronics Shows

Recently, the smart consumer electronics brand HAVIT showcased many new products at major international exhibitions, including COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2024, GITEX AFRICA 2024, MosHome 2024, Vietnam ICTCOMM 2024, and Electronics Show 2024. These events highlighted HAVIT's latest technological advancements and innovative designs, drawing significant attention from attendees. The new products impressed with their stylish appearance, powerful functionality, and high practicality, meeting consumers' desires for a high-quality lifestyle.
OPENBUDS 1: Define Chic Comfort
At the Vietnam ICTCOMM 2024, HAVIT's OPENBUDS 1 open-ear ear-clip headphones became a favorite among music enthusiasts. With an innovative η-shaped clip design, these headphones offer a half-hanging and half-clip wearing way, combined with skin-friendly materials and high-elasticity earbuds arms for a secure and comfortable fit. Even during intense activities, they remain securely in place, minimizing the risk of loss. The touch panel, treated with acrylic dye and gradient pearlescent technology, creates a dazzling color-shifting effect under different lighting. Wearing them resembles donning a fashionable accessory that enhances your daily outfit. The OPENBUDS 1 has won the iF Design Award and the MUSE Design Awards for its innovative and stylish design.
These earbuds' open design and air conduction technology allow users to enjoy music while remaining aware of their surroundings for a safer listening experience. Despite their open design, there are no concerns about sound leakage, thanks to directional sound transmission technology and custom 12mm dynamic drivers, which deliver delightful music. With a single-use time of up to 6.5 hours and a total battery life of 23 hours, power worries are a thing of the past. The HAVIT APP further enhances functionality with convenient feature switching. Vietnamese fashion model Trung Nguyen praised the sound quality, comfort, and stability of the OPENBUDS 1 after experiencing them at the exhibition.
FUXI-H7: Hear Every Move
At COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2024 and the Electronics Show 2024, FUXI-H7 RGB wireless gaming headphones captivated gaming enthusiasts with their impressive performance and Esport design. It supports five connection modes, making it can connect to phones, computers, and other devices easily. The addition of RGB lighting effects adds a mesmerizing glow in the dark. FUXI-H7 utilizes spatial audio for precise sound positioning and true-to-life sound effects, allowing users to catch approaching footsteps and gain a competitive edge. Its microphone features noise reduction technology and actively suppresses background noise while capturing the user's voice, ensuring clear conversations with teammates. Equipped with custom 40mm drivers, it delivers exceptional highs, mids, and lows, providing an immersive experience whether playing games, watching movies, or listening to music. The HAVIT APP offers extensive customization options for a personalized experience.
PJ300 PLUS: Take You Into the Wonderful World
At the MosHome 2024, PJ300 PLUS smart projector garnered widespread acclaim for its superior performance and intelligent design. This projector features a fully enclosed optical engine and supports 4K resolution for clear and detailed images. With Google TV certification, users can easily access streaming platforms like Netflix. Its 550 ANSI lumens and dual 10W high-fidelity speakers provide an impressive audiovisual experience. Features such as automatic keystone correction, auto-focus, smart screen alignment, and obstacle avoidance make setup quick and easy. Multiple ports meet various user needs. The dynamic RGB lighting ensures a cinematic vibe even when watching movies at home.
M9045: Your Sport and Health Partner
At the Vietnam ICTCOMM 2024, M9045 wireless calling smartwatch won over many consumers with its comprehensive features and stylish design. This smartwatch supports wireless calling, allowing users to answer calls freely. Functions such as heart rate monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, and blood oxygen monitoring offer complete health protection. With over 120 sports modes, it helps users maintain their exercise routines effectively. Additionally, the M9045 supports music control, menstrual cycle reminders, message alerts, and more, making life more convenient. Its IP68 waterproof and dustproof design ensures safety during outdoor activities.
By participating in these renowned global exhibitions, HAVIT showcased its strong product capabilities and innovative designs and gained the love and recognition of consumers worldwide. In the future, HAVIT will continue to invest in research and development to launch more high-quality products that meet diverse consumer needs. At the same time, HAVIT will further expand its brand awareness, allowing more people to discover and love its brand.
See You at the Eletrolar Show 2024
Next, HAVIT will participate in the Eletrolar Show 2024 in São Paulo, Brazil. HAVIT will showcase more new products and engage deeply with Brazilian consumers. We sincerely invite you to visit and experience the HAVIT's booth and latest products!
The exhibition information as below:
Eletrolar Show 2024
Booth No. E44
Dates: July 15-18
Opening Time: 13:00-21:00
Venue: Hall G, Transamerica Expo Center, São Paulo - SP, Brazil
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