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HAVIT's Journey in the African Market: Intelligent, Aesthetic and Practical Brand Power

As globalization advances, HAVIT, an intelligent consumer electronics company integrating product development, industrial design, mass production, and global marketing, focuses on audio technology research and application. This commitment has empowered the company's expansion into over 100 countries and regions worldwide.


HAVIT Products are Hot Sellers in Africa

In addition to gaining consumer love in Europe, Latin America, and Southeast Asia, HAVIT has been active in the African market for 15 years. Particularly in Algeria, the HAVIT brand has won consumers' favor with its excellent quality and great value for money. In Algeria, HAVIT's new products are snapped up when they hit the shelves, and sell out within 10 days. This rapid sell-through rate demonstrates the significant recognition and affection HAVIT products have garnered in the local market.



Distributors' Conference: Discussing Mid-Term Development Strategy

Shortly after GITEX AFRICA 2024, we quickly organized a significant conference with our African dealers. This meeting summarized our recent collaborative achievements and a platform for jointly exploring and planning future mid-term development strategies. We recognize the immense potential and dynamism of the African market. As a leader in the smart technology field, HAVIT is well-equipped to bring more innovative products to these users and deliver greater business value to our partners.



Exploring the African Market: Gaining Insights into User Needs


To better understand the real needs of African consumers, HAVIT's R&D team recently visited the local market for an in-depth survey. We discovered that African users have high demands for product quality and value. They expect products to meet their basic needs and desire high-quality, cost-effective options. These insights are crucial for guiding our future product development and market strategies.



HAVIT: A Leading Smart Consumer Electronics Brand

As a key strength of the HAVIT brand, we operate a modern factory dedicated to the R&D and manufacturing of 3C products. Our factory implements high standards and strict management practices, ensuring each production line operates at optimal levels through rigorous evaluation and supervision. This meticulous approach and dedication to quality allow our products to stand out in the market, earning consumers' trust and admiration.


HAVIT products, known for their stylish and innovative designs, have garnered 61 international design awards, including the iF Design Award, Red Dot Award, and MUSE Design Awards. Upholding the design philosophy of intelligent aesthetics, HAVIT seeks a balance between smart technology, user demands, and aesthetics. We meet user's essential needs for smart technology, focus on creating things that are truly useful and wonderful to users, and bring a pleasant experience to users.



Eight Advantages of Partnering with HAVIT


To better support our partners, HAVIT offers eight comprehensive support systems to help them succeed in the market:


Brand Support

Perennial advertising support creates a foundation for raising the brand value, and support will be given according to the market investment criteria (see the contract for details of investment criteria). The company will choose the appropriate media for advertising according to the situation, and gradually increase the intensity of advertising.


Sales Support

From product manufacturing, logistics, and sales store display to product promotion material, we provide one-stop services to reduce the worries of agents in distribution, sales, downstream customer development, and promotion.


Rebate Support 

In order to encourage partners to actively develop and expand the market share of the HAVIT brand in the local market, we provide high rebate support to customers who achieve the annual cooperation goal and further improve the agents' profit.


Aftersales Support

The headquarters provides a variety of after-sales service methods (one-to-one service by dedicated personnel, social media platforms, online feedback from websites, etc.) to offer a standard after-sales service process so that you can feel at ease when buying and selling.


Design Material

All products are sold and will be provided with free HD product pictures or videos by the professional design team, which can be used for online sales channels such as e-commerce platforms. We provide free decoration and design services to offline HAVIT customer stores, exclusive stores, and advertising spaces.


Training Support

In order to facilitate agents to purchase products, the company will provide a full set of product-related materials and a detailed introduction of product features, selling points, and the overall variation trend of the industry, etc.


Technical Support

In order to maintain a leading position, the company will constantly introduce international and domestic leading products and technology, and improve and upgrade existing products and technology, so that agents can fully obtain continuous technical support.


Other Support

Agents can participate in all kinds of social public relations activities, experience sharing meetings, technical symposiums, commendation meetings, distributor meetings, and so on, held by the company for free, have free access to company information and enjoy the support of the company’s social relations resources such as relevant trade associations.


After in-depth discussions with African dealers and on-the-ground market visits, HAVIT is full of confidence and anticipation for the future of the African market. We firmly believe that continually cultivating this market and can further expand our market share and win over more consumers.


At the same time, we recognize that Africa is just one part of HAVIT's global market strategy. We actively seek global partnerships to bring HAVIT's intelligently designed products to more countries and regions, offering high-quality smart electronic products to users globally. By creating a relaxed, stress-free, and enjoyable product experience for users, HAVIT aims to inspire their imagination, self-motivation, and creativity towards life. This, in turn, supports users in exploring and creating a sustainable and joyful lifestyle.


To achieve this goal, HAVIT is inviting global partnerships. We look forward to co-creating and achieving success with our partners, ensuring mutual benefits. No matter where you are, you are welcome to join HAVIT!

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